Cumartesi, Aralık 14

Simple Pleasures

I have been so unemployed lately and I seriously dont know what I am doing with my life. Yesterday I had so many free refills at the coffee house, I couldnt sleep until 6 am.  

Thats us!! 
Right before my caffeine coma. Trying to drive on ice and showing my friend around, she came to visit me!! 

After she left town, I went ahead with my handmade christmas cards!! I am so excited to send them to all over Europe!! 

I think I picked up these small details while I was working at the hotel. We used to write small notes to the guests to make them feel better. Also my handwriting had improved a lot with that task.

It is so damn cold here! Today I went for jogging and it was -10!! I did my 5 km though. I have to start with my pilates routine for saturday but I think cold morning jogging made my tummy a bit wierd so we will see. 

I am reading this at the momet and it is amazing. I read it really slow because I dont want it to end :( This book reminds me to be thankful everyday for being alive and healthy.

I ll go back fighting with my cramps! Have a lovely saturday!

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  1. Gene cavur ellere mi gittin aşkısı naptın godun

    1. Hayır!!! Buralardayım yavrucum daha :)