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Yogi Tea / Eat Pray Love

I was supposed to be in India now, thanks to my problem with the deadlines I am sitting at home doing nothing but drinking amazing Yogi Tea and reading Eat Pray Love. 

 This african tea is delicious. My friend gave it to me before she left Madrid and have no idea where she bought it. Every tea bag has a little quote on it which made me fall in love with this tea even more.

I watch the movie way before I read the book so I dont remember much but I really wanted to relate her story.. not the actual story I mean she is a lilltle bit psycho but i love how she travelled different places with totally different expriences. I was in Madrid which is Rome in the book and I was supposed to be in India which is India in the book :) After that she goes to Bali and i havent planned on that one yet but whatever I screwed up with the second destination so it doesnt really matter.

I really like this cupcake looking coffee :) 

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