Cuma, Aralık 17

New Begginings & New Blog

I have just changed my entire blog & deleted all my posts.
I guess i just wanna have a fresh start because my old blog didnt have any point.. it was beyond random :) but this one will be just random :) I even changed the language and i dont know if i would keep posting in english for a long time. Well.. we will see about that as well.

I have 2 exams left !yayy ! Today instead of studying i went shopping. I've been studying for a week and i told myself that hey i need a break jaja :) I just wanna make a little haul. I already unwrapped everything so those things might not look really new. They are, actually. Today i wasted my time enough so ill post the pictures tomorrow.
Check this 2 websites :) They are my favorites :
  • 1st one has really cool playlists according to your mood or what you are doing at the moment. Click here 
  • 2nd one is pretty simple. If you like rainy days, listen to the rain and get relax.. Here it is !

Kisses & Have a good weekend 

4 yorum:

  1. Ben de diyorum bu kız nerelere gitti!

    Good to see you honey. kisses :*

  2. : ) bi ara öyle geldiler bana sınav stressiyle beraber.
    muah <3

  3. tesekkur ederim :) hos bulduk..